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06:00 am: anomalies
"Aaaaaaaaaaah! Poop! There's poop in the bathtub!"

Teddy hasn't pooped in the bathtub in, what? 3 years? I must admit that my natural impulse upon discovering poop in the bathtub (even when I'm not in the bathtub with the poop) is to, y'know, freak out, but one challenge with parenting is you have to set a good example.

Mommy: "It's ok, honey, just get out of the tub and we'll get the poop out and clean the tub. Then you can have your bath."

Teddy: Sniff. "It's ok. It just slipped out. It happens."

If it happens again, I hope it's before I put in the bubblebath.

In any case, Teddy had a lovely (clean) bath, then pretty much fell asleep on his feet.

...and peed sometime in the night. Not enough to wet the bed, but definitely enough that a change of pajamas and underpants was in order early this morning. That woke him up enough that he started coughing again, so we made the small bathroom into a steam room and he drifted off again.

He hasn't ever peed in the bed. He had a diaper that wasn't on quite right (when he was about 3 months old) and he's had to get up to go pee, but that's it.

:sigh: Oh well. It happens.

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