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07:00 am: it was a good day
Yesterday was my birthday. It was mostly a good day (and really, how could it not be? sushi, chocolate cake, and my folks visiting? oh, and presents!), though I did have More Meetings Than One Ought on her birthday, but they were mostly productive (mostly).

More important, though, was that I had my first parent-teacher conference at Teddy's school. Unlike my own performance reviews, which I find very uncomfortable (I love knowing positive things about myself, but I don't like hearing them... always makes me feel as if I'm being immodest or somethin'), I was very eager for this PTC.

Teddy's a great kid, very intelligent, kind to others, finally breaking out of his shell. All expected (I don't mind immodesty about my kid, go figure). He's still quite slow to feel comfortable in groups (gee, wonder where he got that?), which we will continue to work on with play dates, etc. And his pencil grip is inconsistent. So we'll work on that too.

I asked his teacher for ideas about things to do over the summer to keep him going. I was both a teeny bit smug and a little disappointed that she didn't have any ideas we weren't already planning (reading, counting, games, interaction, etc.).

He's made great strides since he started pre-school. One thing I thought was funny: the bathroom teacher gets to talk to him more than anyone else. Because he sits on the toilet and talks to her the whole time.

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Date:April 10th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)

Conference, etc.

So glad that went well! He is a great kid, you're doing a great job, and Teddy and I have been having interesting talks, too: This time, it was about earrings, other body piercing, and what we think about that.

We had a great visit, got home after shopping/dawdling our way home. Finished the Robert Parker (thanks) and had a nap. Thanks for a lovely time. See you soon!

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Date:April 11th, 2009 10:49 am (UTC)

thank YOU!

Having you here was really terrific! Teddy and I are psyched to see you tomorrow (Peter's staying home).
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