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07:00 am: It was a better weekend for some of us than others
We had a nice weekend. Teddy and I dyed eggs on Saturday (tie-dye came out especially cool). Peter spirited Teddy off in the afternoon so I could assemble Teddy's basket (turned out to be baskets 'cause - surprise, surprise - I over-bought). The plastic eggs we had (for jelly beans, M&Ms, and sweet-tarts) were a PITA, but I got 'em done.

Peter "hid" the plastic eggs in plain sight Saturday night; I woke up early to do the real eggs on Sunday morning. (We did the hunt indoors 'cause the ground was still wet from recent rain.) Teddy had a blast finding eggs and loved his baskets.

Teddy and I went to Newton for a second Easter, better than the first, while Peter stayed home to chill. (Easter in the Czech Republic is a weird holiday and he has residual trauma from that.) It was great seeing friends and family, especially after Teddy warmed up and joined the scrum.

Good times.

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend whose Easter was not a good time. Her apartment complex burned down. She and her husband and their 2½-year-old daughter Nora got out with literally just the pajamas they were wearing.

Holy crap. I can't even imagine the trauma.

So Teddy and I went to KiddlyWinks when I picked him up from school. Teddy picked out a stuffed animal, Wikki sticks, a couple of books (The Carrot Seed and Harold and the Purple Crayon), and an outfit for Nora. (I also found a CD called Nora's Room, which I hope doesn't suck 'cause I bought it strictly for the title.) Teddy made a card for her, decorated with heart stickers and his own special brand of art, and Peter sent off the package overnight mail.

As upsetting as the whole thing is (and a great deal more so for those who were actually part of it, of course!), it's really restored my faith in humanity. A Facebook friend, someone whom I knew in high school but who was never really a friend, has already been in touch with some of his friends in Newport News, and those friends are already collecting things to help out. So friends of my sort of friend are helping out my friend, and they're 4 degrees separated from even knowing her.

:sniff: People don't suck. And sometimes I doubt that, so it's good to be reminded.

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Date:April 14th, 2009 10:12 pm (UTC)

What do they need?

Where are they located? Anybody I know? E-mail me. okay? That must have been devastating! So glad friends are helping!

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Date:April 15th, 2009 02:18 pm (UTC)

Newport News

They went to their apartment yesterday to see what they can salvage. They didn't know if they'd ever be allowed back. :( I haven't heard from my friend, so I don't know how it went and whether they need anything.
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