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09:32 pm: Staycation, day 1: The Trolley Museum
Teddy and I went to music class this morning (now starting an hour earlier, whoopee... though really it doesn't matter because we're definitely awake in plenty of time). Teddy sat in my lap most of the time, but he did participate much more enthusiastically than in the past. w00t! It's only taken, what? 2 months.

The class we were in has been divided into two: the earlier for the older kids (2-4) and the later for the younger ones (6 months - 2.5 years). With the exception of one 17-month old (who will likely move to the later class), the kids in the new class are all Teddy's age; three are from his school.

So. 5 three- and four-year-olds in one class. Three of them had behavior issues in class. Two of them were involved in An Incident: one hit the other with some sort of percussion instrument and the other freaked out (totally disproportionate to what amounted to a tap on the shoulder). The one who did the accidental hitting went into complete meltdown. She had to get her BB (a blanket). She sat on her mother's lap and sucked her thumb for the rest of the class.

The third child (new to music class, as was the hit-ee in The Incident) acted as if she wasn't in a class. She talked to her mother, wondered around the classrooms, picked out books, loudly requested that her mother read them, etc. She's from the school, so she does know better (Montessori is very clear about staying focused and not being disruptive).

And all of that was really just fine. I wouldn't have even thought twice about it, except that Peter and Teddy had an altercation before dinner. Teddy did. not. want. Peter to help him wash his hands. I was doing one of those crazy, lots-happening-at-the-last-minute dinners (paprikas and dumplings) and couldn't help Teddy myself. Teddy was obnoxious. Peter lost his shit.

When we talked about it (after everyone had calmed down), Peter kept saying that Teddy's behavior was abnormal.

er... not so much. The kind of misbehavior you get varies, but there WILL BE misbehavior. No way 'round that one, as far as I know. Unless you have an automaton (or maybe a sociopath), which we definitely don't.

And Peter doesn't blog, so he doesn't have a nice record that proves how much better Teddy has been in recent months.

* * * * *

I'm on vacation next week, but still tied to the computer, so it'll be all local stuff. We started with the Trolley Museum, which was very exciting indeed. Admission gets you as many trolley rides as you want (all along the same track) and entry to both the Trolley Museum and the Fire Engine museum, the latter of which is pretty boring - you can't touch anything and all the engines are smooshed in tight next to each other, so you can't see all the way around any one of them.

But the Trolley Museum is pretty fun. Lots of things to climb on, and a play area perfectly suited to a 4-year-old train freak.

The trolley rides were not all that exciting, but Teddy had a blast. We'll definitely be going back, though we may wait 'til the mosquitoes abate in the fall (they don't like me, but they love Peter). The museum has special events for Halloween and Christmas, which we'll certainly attend.

The gift shop is quite good, too. I do loves me a good gift shop.

* * * * *

If everyone behaves, tomorrow's big event will be lunch at Dairy Queen. And it's truly pathetic how excited I am that it's not McDonald's or Friendly's.

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