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04:33 pm: Staycation, Day 2: Marionettes
I'm working some this staycation (a friend suggested "slavecation"), but we ventured out for the Northampton April Vacation Puppet Festival. We saw "The Dragon King," which was lots o' fun.

It was very crowded, and Teddy wasn't sure he wanted to stay, but he was riveted for the whole performance. He tells me that he liked the Chinese dragon best, which I think is true. The puppeteers brought the dragon out through the audience, and Teddy tracked his progress through the theater. I'm not sure he ever even blinked.

Good times.

We headed to the diner for lunch afterward, which was also fun. Teddy boogied down the center aisle of the diner to "Boogie Oogie Oogie," which was pretty hilarious. He sure can shake his groove thang.

After a pretty comprehensive tour through local stores (and several most excellent purchases, including Ten Frogs/Dix Grenouilles, a counting book in English and French), we headed back to Longmeadow for some vegetating.

Which I mostly spent working. Oh well!

* * * * *

Something I don't want to forget: Teddy has started saying "that's an unhappy child!" whenever a baby cries when we're out in public. Pretty cute.

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