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03:57 pm: The Rest of the Staycation (in Brief)
We went to Boston on Wednesday, where we visited the Children's Museum with bookbat1. It was Earth Day, which I hadn't known about 'cause I'm a Bad Mommy. I'll get over the feelings of inadequacy, but I dunno if I'll recover from the extreme crowds. Lordy lordy.

Teddy confused the Children's Museum with the Science Museum and wanted to do Kung-Fu. He settled for the Recycle Center and the bubble room, where he somehow acquired a whole bunch of scratches on one hand.

After a little while hangin' out with bookbat1, he declared "I like that woman." Smart kid.

The crowds dispersed somewhat later in the afternoon, but Teddy had been displaced by Señor Crankamundo (who was appeased by a snack at The Pain and a turn as the pilot on the airplane/rocket ship). So I called Peter to come pick us up.

I had a lovely dinner with friends and Peter & Teddy had pizza with my brother.

* * * * *

Thursday, Teddy joined me at work for Take Your Daughters, Sons, and Other Children to Work Day. I have such mixed feelings about the expansion of that event. On the one hand, I believe that girls still have some disadvantages that are unfair and acknowledging those disadvantages is necessary to fix them. On the other hand, I follow the debate (on The Momversation, among other places) about the horror that is "Boys suck. Let's throw rocks at them." I read about how significantly fewer boys than girls are graduating from college. So I know that boys have disadvantages too.

Then of course there's Teddy. And a not-very-secret part of me wants him to have advantages.

In this case, my company has long-since been doing TYDS&OCtWD, so I took Teddy. It was a mixed bag. There were 3 other four-year-olds there (all girls, all 4½, as they kept telling us), which was great. He definitely liked hangin' out with them. He wasn't as crazy about the group activities that involved having to speak up.

But he participated! He didn't speak up exactly - he whispered - but he spoke! In a group! Of people he didn't know!

So I was very proud. He also hung in for most of the day, with only a few breaks for private time when he got overwhelmed.

* * * * *

I think I mostly worked Friday. I really don't remember it.

Saturday was music class and grocery shopping. And yard work. Lots and lots of yard work. The previous owner of the house planted all kinds of stuff, and we're enjoying seeing things emerge (everything's a surprise). I hope I didn't inadvertently weed something that I should've left. Oh well! I'll never know the difference.

I ended up with scratches to match Teddy's, from a nasty pricker bush of some kind in the back yard. Fothermucker.

* * * * *

Today... :drum roll please: we had our first play-date in Longmeadow. We met Teddy's music teacher and her younger daughters at a new park. Teddy and Tori had a blast, and I really enjoyed Joey's company. I also had friendly chats with two other mothers, which is pretty huge for me. I'm not good at the mommy meeting thing.

* * * * *

So it was a good vacation. I did more working than I would've liked, but that means more vacation time to use later (which I'll have to do, because we probably won't be allowed to carry any over this year).

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