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11:25 am: Taka the Rabbit
The bunny's back in our yard, and Teddy could not be more thrilled. He looks for her - he's decided it's a girl rabbit, and her name is Taka - throughout the day. My new ploy to get him out of bed is to ask whether Taka is in the yard. He throws himself out of bed to race to the window and look.

Herb! Chambers! Ads! include a rabbit these days (no idea why), which Teddy has decided is Taka. Of course. And the cat is Kočka, of course. No explanation for the dog.

* * * * *

We joined the pool at a local hotel today. It's open 6 am - 10 pm. The indoor pool is open all year; the outdoor pool is open Memorial Day to Labor Day (ish). Hot tub. Sauna. Small gym. It's not the nicest facility in the world, but it's fine, and the price is good. We'll probably get permits for the town pool too, but it's strictly outdoors, and only open for general swimming something like 1-3 pm, which are NOT the hours I want Teddy outside. And it closes down if there's the slightest threat of showers.


So we'll see. Teddy's very excited because his music teacher belongs to the hotel pool, so he hopes to have playdates with her (and her daughter) at the pool.

* * * * *

Teddy's appointment with the ENT went very well. His hearing is great. The doctor said "your son is perfect," which I could hardly argue. Big relief though, to know he's ok.

He thought the hearing test was lots of fun, but he wasn't as crazy about having the doctor look up his nose.

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