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06:45 am: This sick thing is old, old, old
Teddy's runny nose started shortly before midnight two nights ago. He woke up, asked for a tissue, and immediately said "I want to take a shower. I want to sleep downstairs in the big chair." Because that's what we did the previous times he was sick (to help with his cough). This time, he's just fine horizontal. Thank goodness.

After nearly 3 weeks with no sickies, I did think we were done. Apparently not.

It's just a runny nose (knock wood, toss salt, but break no mirrors). Could even be allergies, though I hope not. Last night was lots better than the night before, so we're* still planning to go to the Big Apple Circus tomorrow (and to my folks' house tonight, if it's ok with them). The circus leaves town this weekend, so it's not as if we could postpone it by much.

Blargh. I don't want to be That Parent: the one who imposes her sick kid on others. We're very careful to keep Teddy out of school when he's sick. We never take him out and about if there's a chance he's contagious.

So I'm hoping another 28 hours will do the trick. If last night is any indication, it will. If it wasn't, we'll have to miss the circus this year (though I am a member, so I can see about getting tickets for another show). Which would suck.


* That's Teddy and I. Peter's staying home for some much-needed alone time. He doesn't like the circus.

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