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09:00 am: Bird Boy of Osterville
Teddy and I spent the weekend at my friend Donna's house on the Cape. What a lovely location! She's right on a pond and has bird feeders and bird baths... and all the appropriate wildlife mayhem that ensues. Teddy was absolutely enthralled by the birds (especially if I kept up the inane running monologue "that's a black bird. I don't know if it's also a blackbird, because your Mumum doesn't know anything about birds, but oh look! a blue jay... isn't it pretty? ooh! the black bird is back, and it's being mean to the blue jay... I think that's a chickadee there. What's a pigeon doing on the Cape?" Turns out the black bird was a grackle and the pigeon was a morning [mourning? did I mention I don't know anything about birds?] dove.)

Anyway, he sat there on my lap, watching the birds for at least 20 minutes. My son. Sat. Still. For 20 minutes.

This is some kind of miracle.

He loved all the fresh produce from Donna's garden (me too). He chowed on cucumbers, tried to shove an entire green pepper in his mouth, and the blueberries? Oh my does that child love blueberries.

He also loved Pat's keys, though I believe he expected them to either fall off her belt loop, if he tugged hard enough, or stretch out, the way the drawstring on my PJs does. Neither happened, but not for lack of trying.

Donna and her husband Gene are grandparents of four, and their ease and aptitude with babies is so clear. I don't think I've ever seen him take to people so quickly. He was thumping poor Donna in no time (he smacks his hands down when he's happy and excited; it can be painful). Donna sings wonderful songs (she's the one who introduced "ooh ah ooh ah ah, ding dang, walla walla bing bang" into our lives a few months ago), and both Donna and Gene make great noises and faces. Teddy was enchanted.

I was a big old party pooper, barely able to stay awake for dinner, then crashing. Teddy fell asleep at 7:15, which was a first, then was up at 10:15, 12:30, 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30, and up for the day at 6:30. Two 3-hour stretches are pretty nice... one 12-hour stretch would be even nicer.

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