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06:23 am: family event
Teddy's school fundraiser yesterday was a puppet show. Teddy and I were both excited to attend, but Peter wanted to stay home. I urged him to come along anyway, and I do believe he was glad.

Except for a big hairy spider puppet, Teddy loved the show. He laughed and laughed and laughed.

Watching Peter watch Teddy was pretty fabulous. Peter plays the curmudgeon pretty well, but he surely does love to see his son happy.

I think just maybe it kinda sorta finally perhaps sunk in that I don't attend Teddy's events because I'm all thrilled about kiddie shows, but because Teddy is thrilled about them and that thrills me.

Some kids had some behavior issues during the show (it was very exciting! and funny! and omg water was sprayed!), but Teddy did great. He stayed in his seat, applauded enthusiastically and appropriately, and used his indoor/audience voice. He didn't like when the big hairy spider came out, but he didn't shriek or run.

We went to Dairy Queen for dinner afterward. Teddy had a real hotdog! With nitrites and nitrates and fat and sodium! I don't think he quite believed it was a hotdog. I was all excited when I found out a kiddie cone has only 15 calories - w00t! But it turns out that's just the cone. The ice cream has 140. Oh well.

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