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06:49 am: livin' large
Our new (to us) house is more than twice as big as the old house, and that's A Good Thing. It's good to have places to put all the stuff (so far; I'm sure we'll run out of space shortly). It's great to have our own spaces to retreat to (being the introverts we are).

So yeah! Big(gish) new house!

This also means, of course, more than twice the space to lose things. I've lost my keys a couple of times. Peter's lost the charger to the video camera. We lost our camera and our jackets (all of which turned out to be at my folks' house). Part of that is definitely that there are more places to lose things, part of it's that we're not totally trained in our new routines on where to keep things, part of it's that we're busy and focused on other things and had become accustomed to having clear places to put things in the old house.

During our whirlwind trip to Boston last week, Peter lost our house keys. My whole key ring was still lost, so that was our only set of house keys (we'd separated the car and house keys so we'd have some level of mobility with the one set of keys). We looked all over, we called the places we'd been, we couldn't find them.

As avid readers of the Longmeadow police log (of "dog sitting on lawn," "Dunkin' Donuts napkin in mailbox," and "man walking on street" fame), we know that the police are called to help people into their locked houses.

It would never have occurred to me to call the police otherwise.

So I called them. The officer who returned my call was really nice (and really chatty, and it's not as if you're going to hurry the police off the phone, y'know?) and pointed out that the police have guns, not tools for breaking into houses, that we needed to go to the fire department.

We drove directly there from Boston. After the change of shift, they sent the big honkin' truck (and three firefighters) over to our house to help us break into our house.

Scary how easy that was.

They could not have been nicer. Sweetest fellas ever. They invited Teddy to explore the firetruck. He was too shy, so they invited him to come by the firehouse any time to see.

I think I'm as excited at the prospect as he is.

Teddy and I will be making cookies today to give them. It's going to rain anyway, so I think we'll skip Long Meddowe Days, except that Peter will probably go to the vintage baseball game.

It was fun yesterday though. A deer ran across the road in the early afternoon (I saw deer a couple of times in West Roxbury, but never in the day time and never in the middle of, y'know, a fair). Anything exciting that happened (riding the Thomas "train," the cannon going off), Teddy wanted to go tell his (our) music teacher, who had a booth to decorate maracas.

Because of the parade, I walked longer than usual and am feeling it today (despite swimming and hot-tubbing, which definitely helped loosen me up).

I picked up my knitting for the first time in weeks last night (knitter's elbow has been slowing my progress on a baby sweater) while we were watching Bill Nye Science Guy: Gravity... and found my keys. I have no freakin' idea whatsoever why they were in my knitting bag.

But no locksmith for us!

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