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06:50 am: cross-posting
It occurred to me when I was talking to derbyhat last week that my statuses in Facebook don't show up in Twitter (deliberate separation of work and personal) or here (oops). So here are my May updates for the non-FB among my small, select, extremely intelligent, and preternaturally gorgeous readers:

Kate Haney
...just got a call from the Public Works Dept, warning me about traffic delays on 91 due to a water main break. I guess I'm not in Boston any more (where calling everyone every time there was a problem would be insane).

...is worried about Lynn. {Lynn's brother died a few days ago in a traffic accident.}

...quotes Teddy: "I can't sleep any more. I used up all my energy sleeping." I guess it only works that way for toddlers.

...finally got all the right paperwork on the refi. What a PITA.

...is fed up with errors on the re-fi paperwork.

...thinks $60 in co-payments is a bargain for finding out Teddy's eye will heal on its own.

...thinks the diet Coke at lunch yesterday was a mistake. Still can't do caffeine. :sigh:

...was just about to leave for swimming, and a system problem cropped up. Waiting for vendor call. Blargh. Teddy thinks going later would be a great idea.

...'s guys are still sleeping. 'Cause Teddy was up coughing 3-6 am and I woke Peter up to take over so I could get a tiny bit of sleep myself. 15 minutes later, they both zonked out.

...and Teddy had fun at the circus. Teddy liked the whoopee (sp?) cushions best.

...'s kid is better today. I hope we're on for the circus tomorrow after all.

...thought she was done with the winter sickies, but it's baaaaack

...was wakened by the sweet, sweet sound of someone else mowing the lawn.

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