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06:31 am: a close but strange relationship
Teddy loves bouncy houses. LOVES THEM.

His school had 3 bouncy houses at the end-of-year party yesterday, two of which Teddy could have used. He first got in line for the one for the big kids (birthdays 12/31/04 and earlier), but I suggested he might prefer the one for middle kids (ages 2-4), so we moved to that one.

He happily stood in line over and over and took off his shoes over and over to go into the bouncy house over and over and come out and put his shoes back on over and over again.

And he got off his hands and knees exactly once (on the way in the last time, he walked maybe a half-dozen steps before falling to his knees again). At first, he pretended he was a frog. Later, he acted more like a rabbit (but he didn't say he was a rabbit... he just crawl-bounced around).

He smiled and laughed and exclaimed how much he LOVES TO BOUNCE.

He and bouncy houses have a close but strange relationship.

* * * * *

We had a good time at the party. Teddy said hello to a couple of kids, but mostly he ran around from teacher to teacher, talking to them. He wouldn't leave until we tracked them down to say goodbye.

Sweet kid.

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