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06:53 am: Weekend Update
It was a fun, fun weekend. OC & Baby A came to visit. We hadn't seen each other in months, and I enjoyed the simple pleasures of chatting and hanging out.

Teddy got his sibling rivalry on with Baby A, now that she's able to walk and, more important, take his toys. Most important of all, she's now old enough to demand her mother's attention, which he desperately wants for himself (along with his own mother's, which is less important unless she happens to be momentarily enchanted by the baby, in which case it is URGENT RIGHT NOW MOMMY).

Saturday, we went to music class, which wasn't as smooth as it sometimes is. Teddy was both excited and frustrated by our guests (He loves music but he loves OC! Baby A is leaning on the music teacher! She shouldn't be touching her! WHAT TO DO??). One of the regular students was out of sorts and came with her Daddy, whose attention was divided between her and her sister. And a baby always gets more attention than anyone else. Plus, the teacher is doing more music theory, which is wonderful and appropriate but not as interesting for the younger students.

As much as Teddy hides behind me, whispers his name, and refuses to sing loudly enough to be heard, he loves it. He always goes dancing out of class, telling me how much fun he had.

After class, we returned home to consolidate cars for our trip to Magic Wings, the butterfly museum in South Deerfield.

...and mayhem did ensue. Baby A was very unhappy. We still don't know why. She'd had her fill of food and drink, appeared to be comfortably clothed and well occupied, but lo she did scream. And scream. And scream. Maybe because her carseat was in a different place? Maybe because she was sharing the car with two extra people, one of whom was :gasp: sitting just an arm's reach away? Maybe because it was all in new places with new people? No idea.

And when Baby A screamed, Teddy would cry in sympathy. It was great big ol' ball of baby tension in the back seat.

So it was with considerable relief that we arrived at our destination.

What a fantastic place. Many frogs (tiny blue ones! giant green ones!), lizards (bearded dragon, blue-tongued skink, Igor the iguana), birds (parrots and teeny tiny little quail - the chicks were about the size of my thumb), and oh! the butterflies! So beautiful!


Fortunately, Magic Wings stamps your hand so you can go in and out as often as you'd like, which worked well for Teddy. One round of "EEEK!" followed by a round of soft-serve ice cream (24 flavors!), followed by another round of "eeek!" If we'd stayed for another couple of rounds, he might have stopped with the crazy fear altogether.

But he still had a great time. They have a good gift shop and a really good snack shop (we didn't try the restaurant) with OMG healthy choices. We had cucumbers and pineapple and yes, Teddy had blueberry ice cream for lunch. Probably better for him than McDonald's, anyway.

I stopped at Yankee Candle on the way home. Everyone else stayed in the car (many, many thanks to OC for that!!), which is probably just as well 'cause that place is HUGE. I was thinking, y'know, candles, but it's more like, I dunno... a mall. A small mall, but a mall. Gardening stuff, kitchen stuff, Christmas stuff, and lots and lots of candles.

When I got back to the car, we headed home. And the screaming did re-commence. But both kids fell asleep pretty quickly, which was most excellent indeed.

Dinner was fun, breakfast was good (mmmm... petit pains au chocolats!), and all was well.

Many, many thanks to OC and Baby A for a most excellent visit.

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