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08:55 am: The Positive Side to Pregnancy
Upon re-reading all of my posts about pregnancy, I realized I’m not only a great big whiner (I knew that already), but also that it sounds as though my pregnancy was 100% awful, which isn’t true. Some of the good stuff:

  • Finding out. I did say it before: that was the best birthday gift I ever had. Heck, the best gift, period. (Until the baby was born; he was the best gift EVER, not just Christmas.)
  • Every ultrasound during pregnancy. Seeing that little critter change from a jellybean to a wee person was just amazing and fabulous.
  • Every “good” test result we got (that would be every test except gestational diabetes). I got a LOT of tests, so this was a frequent occurrence.
  • Hearing the baby’s heartbeat. What an amazing sound!
  • Feeling the baby move. Granted, he liked to kick it into high gear just as I was lying down to sleep, but it was still a terrific feeling.
  • Feeling the baby respond to specific stimuli – Peter's voice, certain music (Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald), and of course the Red Sox announcers.
  • Peter’s involvement in my pregnancy. Not just tying my shoes, which was necessary, but coming to almost every appointment and to absolutely every class, worrying and dreaming, obsessing and wishing, the whole thing. I literally could not have done it without him. For one thing, I never would’ve been able to get out of bed once I hit my turtle stage (you know, like a turtle on its back, which can neither move nor flip over? That was me!).
  • Big boobs. I wasn’t exactly small before, at a DD, but it was fun to see my body change to get ready for the baby. Until my belly got bigger than my boobs (which grew to a DDDD, or G), whereupon I was less enamoured of the body change thing.
  • All the positive feedback from the healthcare team. Everyone kept telling me how good I was being, particularly with the gestational diabetes, which made it so much easier to bear. The whole team, in fact, was wonderful on all counts – supportive, reassuring, informative. (Except Dr. D, whom I saw just the once; she was nasty!)
  • My amazing, wonderful friends and family, who were - and are - so incredible. I'm so lucky to have them in my life... and so is Teddy.

So while some of pregnancy was a drag, there were perks. And even if there hadn't been? Absolutely, totally worth it!

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Date:May 12th, 2005 02:45 pm (UTC)


This is of course what we know to be true: It was wonderful and all worth it. That doesn't mean parts of it didn't suck. If they didn't suck, we'd *always* be pregnant, every single one of us, all the time, poppin' them right out, completely conscious of the process every single time. Yeah, not gonna happen. Good try though. ;)
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