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08:23 am: beach baby
Teddy and I woke up before the rest of the household, so we went to the beach first thing. We dug craters and built mountains and stuck our toes in the sand and waded in what passes as surf.

I think the water is nice and warm; Teddy thinks it's nice and cold. Nice, either way.

When I wasn't fetching water or strewing sand, I sat and thought about the years and years of summers on that very beach, happily baking myself (oops), collecting sea glass and those shells that look pearl skins, trying to read in the glare, trying to sleep amidst the noise, eavesdropping on conversations I little understood (college party boys, matriarchs, young couples with kids)... and perusing the various houses along the beach where I worked or played.

I love this place.

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