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07:07 pm: Writing on half a screen
Teddy flung himself down and whined "I'm bored!"

If that particular phrase weren't such a hot button with me, I might have handled what happened next a bit better.

Teddy broke my computer monitor.

"Oh Teddy!"

It was his fault, in that he most definitely was the one who broke it. And he broke it while flinging his body about carelessly.

But I'm the one (along with Peter, who's spending as much time as I online this vacation) who left the computer on the sofa, where it most definitely doesn't belong.

Teddy is clearly feeling very, very guilty. Some of it is justified. A lot of it isn't. It's as much my fault as his.

I feel horrible about what happened (and am hoping hoping hoping that recent layoffs mean there's a spare laptop to replace mine, which I should not have to take on vacation, but I really do have to, and that I don't have to pay for a replacement or repair).

... and yet? "I'm bored," especially in that horrible, whining voice, just sends me through the roof.


Gotta work on that.

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