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05:02 am: no hugs for you!
I may have mentioned a time or two million that Teddy is shy. Really, really shy. (Until he gets to know people, whereupon you cannot get the child to shut up.)

He's also very affectionate, but it takes an even longer time to get him to that point.

After his end-of-school show, he insisted on running around to find every teacher to say goodbye. Every teacher asked for a hug.

"It's too late." He clung to my leg and refused to hug anyone. He especially adores his music teacher, but he won't hug her either.

He wouldn't hug Timothy when we left the island, though he talked about him endlessly then and since. And he wanted to hold Timothy's hand whenever we walked anywhere together (probably partly because kids at his school hold hands whenever they walk anywhere).

He certainly wouldn't hug Timothy's Mommy. "It's too late."*

He was deeply distressed when he thought we were leaving without saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa, but he didn't hug them either (though they know better than to ask, and he does hug them :gasp: voluntarily sometimes).

We're an affectionate family. Hugs and snuggles abound. But Teddy has his limits, and he makes them clear.

* Are we running perpetually late, or does Teddy think that's the perfect excuse for every occasion?

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