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07:02 am: Teddyisms: Weekend Edition
Look, the light evaporates! (He thinks he meant reverberates, but I think that's a stretch - maybe oscillates? but really: jiggles.)

Hey! Why is the door closed? (The bathroom door. Because why on earth would Mommy want privacy?)

Ow-ER! [Hour] With an R in it! (He corrects Boston accents, bless his heart.)

You have skinny elbows. (er... not so much. But apparently painful nonetheless.)

[Sniffling] Daddy cheesed me. (As in, cheesed me off - made me angry.)

I want to decide all the time. (Don't we all, kiddo, don't we all.)

* * * * *

He had a nightmare (first ever, I think) on Saturday. He was sobbing "don't go to work, Mommy, don't go to work!"

...and the guilt set in.

* * * * *

His first week of half-day camp starts today. Updates to follow.

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