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07:01 am: Camp is more fun than school
I think the lack of a splash pad in school may have something to do with Teddy's judgment.

Montessori has spoiled me: I'm used to his excitement about science and French and reading and math and music and art.

It seems he prefers Legos and sprinklers. Go figure.

The camp theme this week is recycling, so he has made rockets out of toilet paper rolls. That's something. But I must admit that I'm not delighted to see his counselors all sitting around at the end of the day, feeding the kids freeze pops (so very much high-fructose corn syrup) and singing along to the freeze dance songs (it doesn't help that I haven't cared for the music).

In fairness to the counselors, they spend 3 hours with the toddlers in the morning, then 3 hours with the pre-schoolers in the afternoon, so I'm seeing them at the end of what is surely a trying day.

Next week is a home-with-Daddy week. I bought an Freeze Pop Factory, so at least his frozen confections will have some nutritional content.

And summers are for fun anyway.

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