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06:25 am: anyone hiring?
I still have a job, but I don't know how long it'll last, or whether I want it.

Yep, me. She who loves her job.


My company's giving everyone a 20% pay cut. It's supposedly temporary, but I don't entirely trust that it won't extend or become permanent. If it is temporary, we (my family) will be OK. It'll be really, really tight, and I may have to arrange to defer a tuition payment for Teddy (or drop his number of school days), but we'll make it.

If the cut continues, we'll have to make some serious, painful adjustments.

Perhaps more important, I'll have no faith that the company can pull out of this slump... so we could make serious, painful adjustments that would just be putting off the inevitable: my finding a new job.

I always feel a fair amount of pressure around being the sole breadwinner, but this development has me in knots. Despite taking 3 Benadryl last night, I was up a half-dozen times. I did keep falling back asleep (until 5:30), but disruption was the rule rather than the exception.

Peter would have to work 2 full-time jobs at minimum wage to pay our mortgage. That's if he could find 2 full-time jobs. I suspect he could, if he looked in Springfield and East Longmeadow. Either location would require that he use the car to commute (public transportation here is virtually nonexistent), which would leave me without one (or giving him rides to and from so I could use it).

So I'm dusting off my resume. It's the last thing I want to do -- well, the second-to-last, anyway. I still love my company, though this pay cut is a serious test of that affection. I believe in what we do. I love what I do. I don't want to leave it.

But I may have to... if I can.

So if you know anyone who's hiring knowledge management consultants, especially in Western MA or Northwestern CT, please do let me know. I also have a lot of experience as a tech writer and editor, and working program offices, IT, and proposals in defense contracting. For people who care about such things, I have a BA in English, an MS in computer science, and an MBA.

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