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07:07 am: I'll miss The Hulk
Teddy had been wearing size 2-3T underpants since he was about 18 months old, but he seemed to outgrow them overnight.

So we have a stack of Elmo, Lightning McQueen (and Mater), and superhero underpants to dispose of. The local hardware store collects clothes for Goodwill (or some similar organization), so we'll likely drop them off there (if anyone reading this needs a couple of dozen assorted pairs of toddler underpants in surprisingly good condition, please let me know!).

* * * * *

The Halloween costumes have started appearing in the catalogs again (WTF? It's August, people!). Teddy still wants to be a knight, but he also wants to be a triceratops.

And I'm "in deep deep trouble little girl," because I gave away his dragon and ladybug costumes that don't fit.

* * * * *

Today our reduced work weeks start. It'll be interesting to see how that shakes out. For starters, there may be more blogging.

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