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05:59 am: Swimming
Teddy declared his swim lesson was his favorite part of all-day camp, because there was a counselor there to help him and he could touch the bottom in the shallow end "on his feet, not his tippy toes!"

He did not like free swim because he went all the way underwater at the end of the slide. Though a counselor helped him right away, it was scary.

He just started jumping into the pool by himself last weekend - and that's wearing a swim vest so he's underwater for just a second then bobs right back up again (if he goes underwater at all). And he won't jump by himself if I'm not quite close. He's also recently started "swimming" part of the time without the swim vest, but with a kickboard.

(He doesn't think the kickboards at camp look like real kickboards, which we assume means they don't look like his own, non-standard board.)

I want him to learn to swim, and I also want him to love swimming. So we're being very casual about the whole thing. And yet... I want him to swim! I don't remember ever not knowing how to swim (though my form has deteriorated to the point that one might easily guess that I never learned :sigh: ). We've succeeded, so far, with his love of swimming. So that's good, right?

His camp doesn't go for swim vests and bubbles/floaties. I hope he'll gain some confidence and skill this week for water locomotion.

We've decided he'll return for full-day camp the week after next ('cause I'm on vacation next week, so we'll be staycating hither and yon), so he'll have another shot then.

And if it doesn't happen, oh well.

Dad, wanna come to Longmeadow for a few days and teach your grandson to swim?

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Date:August 11th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)

Swim lessons

Sounds good! Sounds like he's doing quite well with help from the counselors and you!
YoMaMa (YoPaPa is taking a nap!)
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Date:August 11th, 2009 06:46 pm (UTC)

Re: Swim lessons

Y'think? I don't remember when I learned to swim, except that I was SO mortified when I couldn't dive at, what? 6?

Teddy's so naturally cautious (and I mostly love that he's not reckless!) that he's very slow to feel comfortable trying things. It's HUGE that he'll jump in the pool without holding my hand. But he's not been ready to let go the swim vest... and frankly, that doesn't give him any real feeling of swimming.

He does kick and paddle quite vigorously, but he doesn't have to do anything to keep himself afloat.

Plenty of other kids wear those bubble/floatie things (he has them, but prefers the vest). I've seen kids his age swimming, though all of them have been much bigger than he is. I wouldn't have thought that would make much of a difference, except he was SO excited that he could touch the bottom of the shallow end, which of course all those bigger kids can do quite easily.

I figured Dad's the expert so I should ask him. No need to wake him up for that though!
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