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06:00 am: plans are starting to gel
I have vacation next week. We'd originally planned to go to Vermont or somethin', maybe a B&B, but then the whole pay-cut/job-paranoia thing happened, so we'll be staycating once again.

We're starting the time off with music class (if it runs, which is somewhat in doubt because of low August attendance) and a trip to CT to see the Marques family on Saturday ("Saturn!" Teddy loves us to recite the days of the week just so he can say "Saturn!").

Teddy and I are also going alone to Boston to the Children's Museum on Wednesday to see occhi_cinesi and baby A -- and to give Peter a much-needed day to himself.

We'll be going to the Springfield Zoo at some point 'cause Teddy picked a free pass as his final reading program gift (he also got a new book, which is very cool indeed, though it would've been even cooler if he'd won any of the weekly raffle prizes). The Farmers Market is almost next door, so perhaps we'll do those both on Tuesday.

We'll surely spend a lot of time at the pool (and I ardently hope some of that time won't involve his swim vest).

I hope we'll also get to the Hartford Children's Museum and we may head to Amherst for the Eric Carle Museum and of course Atkins Farm.

There will be videos ("cazzettes" and DVDs), home-made freeze pops, and many, many books on the agenda as well.

And I'll get a massage. 'Cause it's my vacation.

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Date:August 13th, 2009 11:53 am (UTC)



Sounds quite wonderful! Enjoy!

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