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07:26 am: ...and the vacation begins
Teddy came home Friday with a note from his camp saying two kids had been sent home with lice, so we kicked off my vacation with a magnifying glass, a fine-tooth comb, and bright lights in the bathroom.

Nothin'. Thank goodness.

He came home without a tie-dyed shirt, though I'd sent him in with a white one that he came home wearing (the one he was supposed to wear after swimming was still tucked into a clear plastic bag in his backpack). He said he'd done tie-dye and that his counselors had given him a shirt "that didn't belong to anyone."

But no tie-dye came home.


There's still no sign of nasty critters on anyone's head (or elsewhere), but I've never been so aware of itchy feelings in my life.

* * * * *

Music was postponed again Saturday and the Marques contingent were understandably leery about lice (they're on vacation now too, and they spent their last one cleaning up barf), so Teddy and I went to Ponyo as a consolation. I love Miyazaki, so this was no hardship for me.

Fantastic movie. (No surprise)

* * * * *

As is our Sunday custom, Teddy and I went to the pool for a couple of hours. We met a friend from Teddy's camp there, and he and Teddy alternated jumping into the pool quite a bit. Following Thomas' example, Teddy did a lot freer jumping than he had been. I still had to be there, but he occasionally even told me to move away. w00t!

Teddy also floated on his back a lot, for the first time since he was little bitty. He's still wearing the swim vest, but still! He floated! w00t!

* * * * *

Today will be CostCo and chillin' in the office and playroom AC.

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