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06:37 am: comparison shopping
Teddy and I are heading into Boston today to go to the Children's Museum there with occhi_cinesi and baby A. Having just been to Hartford's Children's Museum yesterday, we'll get the chance to compare the two fairly directly.

Free parking at Hartford. Cheap planetarium shows ($5; alas, just as nauseating to me as any others I've attended). Cheap gift shop. Much, much smaller (lots less to see, but perhaps more manageable). No restaurant (cheap vending machines with non-nutritious snacks, however). Mini-golf. Early closing (4 pm).

If memory serves, we'll have a lot more to do in Boston (er... duh?), which will have both positive and negative aspects. We won't be hitting the gift shop, despite the membership discount, but it's much bigger than Hartford's and has a broader selection.

Until yesterday, I never fully appreciated the convenience of having a restaurant at the museum. We left earlier than we otherwise would have because I knew Teddy would melt down if he didn't eat a real meal. They do allow picnics, however, which will make for a mighty nice break next time.

So we'll see.

* * * * *

I do believe I've decided that even AC is not worth sharing a single bed (with pillow-bed sidecar) with a 4-year-old.

Of course, that's easier for me to say in the morning, when it's pretty pleasant even without the AC.

* * * * *

Speaking of pleasant, I kicked Teddy gently in the bottom yesterday to move him along. Though there is no way on earth that it could have been painful (I wasn't even sure I'd made a connection), he was overcome with teh melodrama.

After squeezing out a few tears and flaunting the boo-boo face, he wailed "that wasn't very pleasant."

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