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05:25 pm: to everyone's relief
The bat did not have rabies.

Did I forget to write about the bat?

Peter came upstairs the other night and whispered something to me, trying to be discreet and not worry Teddy.

I kinda ruined the effect 'cause I couldn't, y'know, hear him. He was telling me he thought there was a bat downstairs in the kitchen.

So I told Teddy to stay upstairs while I went to check it out. Couldn't find a bat, so I came back up to get Peter, figuring two sets of eyes would be better than one.

No bat. And there was the added joy of Teddy hollering like a banshee upstairs because "you know I don't like to be alone! why do you always think I want to be alone! MOMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!"


I was a bit nervous when Teddy and I went downstairs the next morning. Even thought about waking up Peter to come down with us, but that was such a wretched combination of chicken-shit and cruel that I let him sleep.

No bat.

After breakfast and reading and snuggling and tickling and chasing, Teddy and I were cozying up for more snuggling and reading, and I heard A Suspicious Noise in the front hall.

"Oh shit" (I thought but didn't say) "it's that damned bat, and it's in the front hall, and it's going to come flying out from behind the radiator and scare the crap out of us both."

But I went and checked anyway, now determined to not be chickenshit, despite the excellent excuse.

No bat.

When I sat down again, Teddy said "well, there's no more noise now. It was in the wastebasket, but it stopped."

The kid has better hearing than I do. There was indeed a bat in the wastebasket, apparently dead. We must've been hearing his death throes or something. Yuk.

So I called the police, who referred me to the department of public health, who eventually came and got the bat and sent it off to the lab for tests.

And it didn't have rabies.


Y'know, if we had to have a bat in our house, it really was quite nice for it to put itself into the (otherwise empty) wastebasket.

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Date:August 21st, 2009 12:24 pm (UTC)

Batty thoughts

...and I thought the family specialty was bats in the belfry! Not everybody is as lucky as you, though, in getting them to check themselves out -- and in a good place, too!
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Date:August 22nd, 2009 10:06 pm (UTC)

Re: Batty thoughts

Isn't it marvelous? I mean, as suicidal bats in the house go...
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