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04:02 pm: Morning progression
Monday, I dropped Teddy off at camp and he didn't want me to leave. We walked to the shed together to put away his backpack and lunchbox. He let me hug and kiss him in the shed, then held my hand as we walked out together. He held onto my pants as I signed him in, and hugged me again afterward. He followed me to the back of the shed to wave as I drove off (and my heart broke into teeny tiny little pieces).

As I drove away, he shuffled over to a patch of dirt and scuffed at it, watching his feet raise the dust.

Tuesday, he reached up to rub my back under my shirt as I signed him in. He wouldn't let me hug him before I left. As I drove away, he walked over to his patch of dirt and scuffed at it with another little boy. He waved at me but didn't move from his patch.

Wednesday, he walked over near some other kids by the trees. He waved as I left.

Thursday, Peter dropped him off. Neither he nor Teddy lingered over goodbyes.

Friday, Teddy and I went to the office to get some paperwork, then walked over to the shed. As I signed him in, he looked around at the other kids. He wouldn't hug me and he didn't wave. As I drove away, he was talking to some other kids by the trees (and my heart was mended and broken all at once).

Next year, unless he's completely different (always possible), we'll enroll him in camp for contiguous weeks, instead of alternating. The adjustment and the readjustment don't suit him as well as predictability.

Live and learn.

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