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07:01 am: will I ever stop sighing on September 11?
Just seeing the date makes me wince, maybe sniffle, certainly pause.

I remember feeling a strong need to be with family that day. After a long, convoluted commute (Boston's financial district was evacuated -- or at least our building was -- and public transportation was a challenge), I just sat at my folks' house and talked. But mostly I remember the sitting, feeling sorta paralyzed and surreal, but happier to be with family than not.

(But did I really react that way? I don't even know what's memory and what's colored by everything I've read and seen and thought since that day.)

I can only imagine that I would have been orders of magnitude more anxious if I'd been married and particularly if I'd had a child.

It was a bad day, and it changed the world, and yet the world doesn't feel very changed. Am I just used to the changes, or have we reverted/regressed/normalized?

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Every year, MetroDad writes to his friend Andy, who died on 9/11. Get yer hanky and check it out.

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