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06:06 am: on the mend... and other updates
Teddy's feeling lots better, though he seems to have regressed a bit with sleeping. Where he'd been waking up pretty often and going right back to sleep, nursing 2-3 times a night, he's now waking up often, completely, and nursing every single time.

And I'm not helping myself, either: last night I was awake from 10-12, while he slept away soundly. I'm managing a conference this December and couldn't shut my brain off, thinking about all the details. It took me until 11:45 to remember that I have 3 months to plan the thing. And then I fell asleep.

I am stooopid in the middle of the night.

Oh good lord. I just described 10 PM as "the middle of the night." It's official: I'm old.
* * * * *
Teddy's waving goodbye very consistently. I like it so much that I say "bye bye" to him whenever he crawls out of the room. He turns around, sits up, and waves at me before going on his way.

Not coincidentally, this also gives me time to haul my butt out of the chair or off the floor to chase after him.
* * * * *
I pulled out his new car seat/stroller/booster this weekend, to make sure we knew how to use it before we actually get on a plane. This thing is SO cool! You pull a handle on the back of the car seat and WHAM-O: you've got a stroller (you do have to make sure you lock the wheels or WHAM-O: you have a car seat again; fortunately, Teddy seems to like the WHAM-O effect).

Teddy doesn't care for being locked in, but he totally digs all the harness and clip pieces. He spat out a lovely little piece of plastic at one point. I don't know where he got it, but I'm glad he decided he didn't like the taste.
* * * * *
He's off his mamamilk-only strike, thank goodness. Now he only wants to eat food he can shove into his own mouth (the usual, for him), that we stick into his mouth, or that's fed to him on a fork or chopsticks. NOT. A. SPOON. And DEFINITELY. NOT. A BABY SPOON.

His new favorite is mujadarah (middle-eastern rice and lentils).
* * * * *
We took his head shots. We'll copy and mail 'em in tomorrow. Then we'll have to see if he gets any gigs. Collegemoneycollegemoneycollegemoney.

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