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09:38 am: quick updates
We celebrated my brother's birthday with him in Newton yesterday - Happy Birthday, brother! So glad we could be there with you!

Dad made a delightful chicken fricassee and dumplings for birthday lunch (I'm still not clear on what fricassee is, but don't really care as it was Teh Yum). And we made an excellent discovery: Whole Paycheck's chocolate mousse cake. Drool, slobber. Even Peter liked it (he's not usually a cake fan, preferring frosting... and pies and pastries and ice cream). I used to make a good mousse cake myself (with raspberry coulis and ganache), but I don't do that kind of multi-hour cooking any more. I'd rather have a nap.

We saw occhi_cinesi and Baby A in the morning, which was great fun. Teddy had the whole sibling-rivalry "she tooooouched meeee!" thing going for a while, but calmed down after a couple of episodes of Sesame Street on the iPod. He and A then played chase around the tables, which I thought was wonderful and heart-warming, though I'm not sure all the patrons agreed with me. Baby A is absolutely lovely and adorable and sweet. And she worships Teddy, so she's obviously smart too. Or, y'know, deluded.

We also had really good Chinese food Saturday night. :sigh: I love our new(ish) town, but the Chinese food here is really bad (and not in a good, greasy, occasional self-indulgence way... just plain bad). Oddly enough, the vegetarian sushi tends to be quite good.

Last week was my first full week being back on full hours, and it was... hard. Really hard. Lots of projects coming to a head at once. I'm trying to take a real vacation today (I'm off Mondays for the rest of the year 'cause I need to use vacation or lose it). I've spent an hour or so answering email, but plan to head off to The Big E with the boys as soon as Peter's ready.

Thankfully, the car's malfunction light has finally turned off. Must've been the gas cap after all. :phew:

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