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06:45 am: The Big E
Having not been in 30+ years, I suppose I should not have been surprised that the Big E was not what I expected.

It was much bigger, for starters.

Also, traffic - on Monday morning at 10:30 - was much, much worse.* And we had to park out in east overshoe.

As I warned Teddy, there was a lot of walking (not that my pedometer could tell, of course, fothermucker). I carried him on my shoulders some, because his legs were "so very, very tired," especially at the end of the day.

But it was fun. Really fun. Teddy and Peter went on a lot of rides. I watched Teddy go on a lot of rides He chatted up his companions, when he had any, which was certainly fun to witness after the years of shy silence (though perhaps his companions didn't appreciate it as much as I; I'm pretty sure he spent a lot of time telling them how they ought to be driving the car or the helicopter or whatever).

We all watched the sheep herding, which was far more interesting than I would've guessed. Teddy and I went to the petting zoo ("Are you sure they're nice animals, Mommy?" Teddy queried before spending every quarter I had to buy food pellets to feed them). Teddy rode a pony and an elephant (with Mimi, a little girl from his school, to whom I gave my ticket when I realized Teddy would probably have more fun with a friend than with me).

We saw chickens hatch and patted bunnies and llamas (not in the petting zoo, but in the farm exhibits).

We shared beignets (much better than I expected, given where we were) for second breakfast, and selected ice cream, pizza, and fried veggies for lunch (for Teddy, Peter, and me, respectively). Peter made an appalling mix-your-own-flavors slushy (it was gray and very, very sweet). I bought apple butter for Peter.

While Teddy and Peter used up the last of the ride tickets, I perused the Craft Common, where I bought nothing. I'd hoped to do some Christmas shopping, but didn't find anything sufficiently unique to pay the over-inflated prices. I ducked into the Massachusetts house, but only saw stuff about tourism, so didn't venture further in.

I wish I'd read more about the fair before we went (turns out the state houses sell cool local stuff), though actually we didn't have time to do more, so maybe it's just as well. Next year, we'll go earlier (it opens at 8 am) and try to catch some shows.

And just as we were leaving, the skies became overcast. By the time we got home 15 minutes later (to beef stew bubbling in the crackpot), it had started to sprinkle.

Perfect timing.

I got a sunburn, but Peter and Teddy's summer exposure was apparently sufficient to protect them. :phew:

It wasn't an exciting day (except for Teddy, who was running and skipping all over), but satisfying and fun and tiring.

* By missing our exit, we missed most of the traffic. Note to self for next year: coming 'round the back way is much, much faster, despite the extra miles.

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