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12:00 pm: how does he remember it?
I've been doing more bentos for Teddy's lunch, most including cheese shaped, cut, or colored to something that interests him. I started with a space shuttle flying past the Earth, then Ponyo, penguins, an elephant, whatever.

Yesterday, I drew a little scene from the first Bob book. I figured he'd recognize it, but it would still be reasonably novel, because we haven't read that book in a few months (we're on box 5 now; each box has 8-12 books).

I asked him whether he liked his lunch ("oh yes, but you forgot my milk"*) and whether he recognized his cheese picture.

"Oh yes! It was Mat and Sam!"

What??? How does he remember something like that? It's not the same characters in the recent books - it's not even the same characters all through the first box. I expected him to recognize that they were from the Bob books, but never dreamed he would name them.

Of course, this is the same kid who can tell me the provenance of every toy he has, so I suppose I shouldn't be totally shocked.

* Oh the GUILT. That's what I get for packing his lunch in the morning, when I woke up at 3:15 and have not yet found my brain.

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