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06:37 am: It was 12 months ago today
We moved into our new house a year ago today. I wrote about it, but I don't recommend (re-?)reading it. For me, at least, it's stressful just to think about it.

We got here. It worked. The process was horrible and put enormous strain on each of us and our relationships, but we got through it. We've unpacked everything, including all the stuff I never unpacked when I moved into the old house 13 years before that. We've since divested ourselves of even more stuff (20 boxes of clothes that we paid movers to move? gone!). Most of the house is pretty well organized. It feels like home.

When we first moved, Teddy still referred to our old house as "home." This was "the new house."

I asked him this morning if he missed the old house. He said "yes, I miss the big yard."

"I don't understand, Teddy. Our new yard is more than twice the size of the old one."

"I miss the valleys. And the mud."

Valleys are either the monster divots in the side yard or the tulip "beds." By which I mean "where I planted tulips and they died, leaving a mud hole."

"I played monster trucks there. They talked a lot."

Uh huh. Next spring, I guess I need to designate part of the yard as the monster truck valley.

So, yes, we moved a year ago. We're here!

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