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06:50 am: Peter the stealth blogger
I found out the other day that Peter has been blogging almost as long as I have, about the Moravian separatist movement.

My husband. Blogging.

My husband, who makes fun of me for blogging, blogs.

I'm mostly thrilled about it. He's passionate about politics. He's blogging in Czech, so he's keeping up his language skills. His blog gets a lot of traffic, including the chairman of the Moravian separatist party (Jan Kryčer, I think, but Peter's asleep so I can't confirm that right now), who comments regularly.

:happy chair dance:

How totally cool is that?

I don't know (or care, except insofar as my husband does) all that much about politics, particularly Czech politics, but from what I can tell, living in some parts of the Czech Republic is very much like living in Western Massachusetts: it's as if you're in a totally different state/country from the bits that get all the attention (and money and other resources, too). In MA, it's all about Boston. Boston, Boston, Boston.

Don't get me wrong: I love Boston. But there is more to the state than Boston and its immediate environs.

Similarly, there's more to the Czech Republic than Prague. But you wouldn't know that to read about it in the newspapers or to look at budgets. Moravia, where Peter's from (Nové Město na Moravě, specifically), doesn't get much respect.

...and Peter's working on that. Which is, as Teddy would say, AWESOME.

On the other hand? He's been blogging about this for four years and I found out two days ago (he told me as proof that he was not using the computer to look at porn - which I had not accused him of doing, but there was a breakdown in communication, as happens periodically between people with different native languages, cultures, and genders).

He says he would've told me before he was elected to office. In the Czech Republic.

I'm pretty sure he was joking. I think.

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