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12:25 pm: Haney's Halloween Index
Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

  • 800 pieces of candy given away (less Laffy Taffies for Peter, SweetTarts for Teddy, and a 3 Musketeers for me)

  • Several hundred trick-or-treaters (at our house -- more in the neighborhood)

  • 10% of ToTs who actually live in the neighborhood (guesstimate)

  • 3 costumes: futurist knight, Optimus Prime (or so I'm told), and Darth Vader

  • 3 hours to distribute the aforementioned candy to the aforementioned ToTs

  • 27 pieces of candy collected by Teddy

  • 13 pieces of Teddy's candy sold to Mommy for Storm Trooper helmet money

  • 1 piece of Teddy's remaining 14 pieces eaten by Teddy on Halloween

  • 50% of houses rejected by Teddy as "too scary" for trick-or-treating

  • 1 rolling pirate ship that made its way around the neighborhood for everyone's entertainment

  • 30 or so jack-o-lanterns at the Pumpkin House

  • 0 non-costumed ToTs

  • 0 trash in the yard

Most popular costumes: Mario Bros, SuperGirl, storm troopers, Michael Jackson
Personal favorites: candy machine (takes rather than dispenses), anything on a small, polite child

I love Halloween in this neighborhood.

(Sir Teddy and Darth Vader videos coming soon)

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