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07:00 am: Weekend Highlights
Teddy had a great time at the birthday party Saturday. He says he wants to take gymnastics classes (after the last gymnastics party, he said he wanted to do gymnastics, except for the part where he throws his body around).

The birthday girl opened her gifts at the party (I hate that, because it sets the kids up for baaad situations, like jealousy of gifts, rudeness about gifts, boredom from sitting and watching someone else open gifts, etc.), which led to Mama's Public Embarrassment #1*, when the birthday girl opened a Hannah Montana gift.

Teddy pushed his way to the front, pointed at the gift, and said "Mommy and Daddy and I all think Hannah Montana is STUPID!"

er... what? While I do indeed think Hannah Montana (and Power Rangers and Teletubbies and just about every other mass-produced, media-enabled toy franchise) is stupid, I don't recall having said so, and would never have done so so emphatically in any case (more likely that Teddy asked what some toy was, and I said "that's Hannah Montana; Mommy thinks she's kinda stupid).

Oops. So now we're working on keeping hurtful opinions to ourselves. When I asked Teddy last night what he should say if someone gave him a gift that he didn't like or already had, he responded, without any parental prompting, "THANK YOU!" :phew:

* * * * *

The Nutcracker was fun. I've been spoiled by years of seeing the Boston Ballet, whose production is spectacular, but I'm awfully glad Teddy got to go. He behaved beautifully and was, despite his whinging to the contrary, riveted through most of the show. He especially liked the battle between the soldiers and the mice (natch) and the animals in the second act (elephant for Arabians, bear for Russians, etc.). This production didn't have a hot-air balloon or a dancing bear, alas, but I missed the live orchestra even more.

He now says he doesn't need to see ballet again, but he would like to take classes.

* * * * *

Monday, we reserved the party room at the movie theater for Teddy's birthday. The room is WONDERFUL, but there isn't much room to move. So it'll be a sit-and-snack hour, rather than a run-around-and-burn-energy hour. Not perfect, but good enough.

The theater provides the decorations, the invitations, the plates & stuff, and popcorn and soda. I've addressed the invitation and written half.

How far in advance should I send them?

* * * * *

Under pressure from various sources (including my boss, whom I didn't feel it was prudent to ignore), I made an appointment with an ENT for tomorrow. And haven't had any vertigo today. :shrug:

* I think. I don't recall having been embarrassed by Teddy in public before. But my memory is short and faulty, so I'm probably wrong.

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