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07:42 pm: in which Teddy shows his gratitude
Today was the Thanksgiving show at Teddy's school. The children did three readings - two poems and an endless alphabet of Thanksgiving (A is for Adventure, B is for Big ship, etc.). Each child participated in one of the readings and they all sang songs at the end, including a rousing rendition of "All Together Now."

Teddy acquitted himself nicely. He said his line ("we give thanks") loudly, clearly, and on cue. He did try to sit when he first came in (which is usually what happens when the whole kindergarten gets together), but stood up promptly.

The kids in his group said their lines, then held up signs showing what they were grateful for. "My Mommy and Daddy," "Books," and "My family" all made appearances.

And guess whose sign said "My Two Ewoks"?



At least he wasn't the kid who said "V should be for NOTHING."

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