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07:22 am: Catching up (fairly) quickly
What kept me from blogging - My family all got H1N1, including Dad. They're recovering, thank goodness. Mum topped it off with double pneumonia and she and Dad also both got conjunctivitis. Not fun. Peter and I are very pleased indeed that we just got sniffles. Teddy is hale and hearty.

I'm also scrambling to get work done for the end of the year. We have a mandatory furlough between Christmas and New Year's, and I'm also trying to burn a lot of vacation, which I will otherwise lose. 2010 is a new year, w00t, hurray, etc., but I have a major kickoff January 5, so I have to get all that planned before I leave December 19th.

So, yeah, busy. Distracted. etc.

Thanksgiving debrief - Thanksgiving was very quiet. I scrambled a bit with the cooking, as I stupidly tried to add a couple of things at the last minute. I had a flash of inspiration that Czech dumplings would be marvelous with gravy... which also meant I had to make gravy. The gravy was OK, I suppose (Peter liked it; I didn't, but I'm not much of a gravy fan anyway). The dumplings didn't cooperate (they're tricky). So I ran around like crazy for nothing. Irksome, but only mildly so.

The tarte tatin was a huge success - Peter ate 4 slices after Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be making that again, though I need to find a way to make it less juicy (particularly if I plan to transport it anywhere).

Teddy held up pretty well through all the hustle and bustle. He was very disappointed not to see his cousins, but enjoyed the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special as a meager substitute.

Birthday preview - We're all set for Teddy's party at the movies. I believe we'll be seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox, to my relief. Teddy and I saw Planet 51 Thanksgiving weekend, and it doesn't merit two viewings. We've had a couple of positive and a couple of negative replies to our party invitations. I hope to convince Mum & Dad (aka Bammer and Popper) to join us for the celebration.

To clarify: I assume they won't be interested in the movie, but if they come down that day, they could bring the cousins for the movie, then the whole fambly could celebrate together that evening. Teddy didn't get to see his uncle or cousins last year on his birthday, so it would be nice if he were able to this year.

They're not really well enough yet to make plans. Soon, I hope.

Christmas preview - Everything has been wrapped except that which has not yet arrived (major screw up from Signals, to my annoyance) and that which is perishable and therefore will be bought at the last minute. We're planning to get a tree this weekend. After it's decorated, we can take Teddy's picture in front of it, and start the holiday card ritual (which I quite enjoy, but it takes a lot of time).

We bought Christmas gifts for a kid in Boston too. I dunno if it's New England Home for Little Wanderers, which we've done in years past, or some other organization, but we got Joey, a 4-year-old boy who likes trucks and art and needs a sweater. Teddy was jealous of some of Joey's things, so I wrapped them up to be less of an affront.

Lots going on, but I hope to get back into the blogging swing.

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