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05:10 pm: Odds & Ends
Teddy's birthday party went pretty well. We did end up opening gifts during the party because, frankly, there was nothing the heck else to do after all the coloring and the sugar consumption.

Note to self: Don't ever do THAT again. Play musical chairs or something instead. 5-year-olds do NOT allow anyone to open a gift by himself (boys, anyway -- the girls were much more restrained). Poor Teddy was surrounded by "helpers" who unwrapped everything for him. His little face kept crumpling up in disappointment, but he didn't actually break down or freak out. In fact, he was pretty fabulous the whole time.

(I do wonder why the parents of the "helpers" didn't stop them -- couldn't they see what was going on? Should I have begged each individually to get her kid under control?)

Anyway, the kids liked the movie and really seemed to enjoy their favor boxes/pocketbooks. Teddy got amazing gifts and was beyond thrilled that almost all his friends came. The parents all told me it was a great idea and seemed genuinely pleased.

Peter and my nephew did yeomen's duty/ies, running back & forth to the car and taking boys off to the potty (though I will note that I got to do all the potty runs during the movie, darn it -- will have to see The Princess & The Frog again, as I missed some crucial parts).

Every parent commented about what a great host Teddy was. I didn't think he really heard when I talked to him about it, but damned if he didn't greet every single child with "Welcome to my party! I'm so glad you came! Would you like a coloring book? How about some popcorn or a drink?" I was so proud!

So it was good. On the expensive side, but good.

* * * * *

My nephew and Mum & Dad stayed for an early family celebration that evening, which was really lovely. Teddy was absolutely delighted that they were all there. He had pizza, just like Grandma did on her birthday (I wonder what he would have chosen if Grandma had decided on something different?).

* * * * *

Teddy's real birthday was much more subdued, but still fun. It was just the three of us, though Teddy also opened gifts from his Babi & Deda (Czech Grandma & Grandpa) and some longer-distance friends (including the ones who didn't make it to his party).

At Teddy's request, we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.

Hey, at least it wasn't McDonald's (we had McDonald's for lunch).

* * * * *

I got through the end-of-the-year stuff for work by the hair of my chiny-chin-chin and have a crapload of stuff piled up as soon as I return. I've been pretty good about not working during my vacation and furlough (no more than a few hours, total, which is better than I've done all year). I start an even bigger, two-year project January 5. Yowza.

I've spent a few too many hours on the phone trying to open an unemployment claim (we're eligible because it's a mandatory, unpaid furlough, following mandatory, unpaid short work weeks in August).

WHAT a pain in the tush! I got through to someone (someone really nice! and helpful!) fairly quickly on Thursday (we have to open claims during the week that we're off, which started Thursday), but learned that someone with critical information was on vacation 'til Monday. Called the right number on Monday. Unusually high call volume, call back, blah blah blah. Haven't gotten through to anyone yet, despite trying every hour or two.

Much as I really could use the money, not having it would mean slower payback on a credit card, instead of not paying a mortgage or something. So I'm just kinda pissed, rather than panicked. I'll try again tomorrow, dammit.

* * * * *

We're off to see Christmas lights tonight, then to a diner for dinner. Our own tree is down, ornaments packed away with other decorations and seasonal DVDs. No plans for New Year's Eve, except maybe to absorb all Teddy's toys into the household.

* * * * *

People seemed pleased with the gifts we gave them (the postman wrote us that "the cookies were awesome!" though I suspect he was writing about last year's cookies 'cause he wrote us before he'd had time to eat any of this year's). I was delighted with my own gifts. I have a lovely stack of new books (quickly diminishing - capsule reviews coming soon), enough DVDs to get me through several months, fab-o new linens, a hedgehog cake pan... great stuff!

I have more chocolate than I need, but really, who can object to that?

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Date:January 1st, 2010 02:25 pm (UTC)

Host with the most!

I may be biased, but that's alright: I'm his grandmother -- I get to boast, be proud, AND indulge! I do believe he's an amazingly poised and articulate little boy. And only 5 (if you read this to him, leave out the only)!

It was a wonderful birthday,

[User Picture]
Date:January 2nd, 2010 12:36 am (UTC)

why thank you!

It must skip a generation. ;)
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