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07:55 am: Reflections on 2009
So, yeah.

2009 sucked in many ways, mostly financial/economic. There were further layoffs where I work. They reduced our pay (temporarily). We had mandatory (unpaid) furloughs. High stress. REALLY high stress, especially from ongoing paranoia that my job could disappear at any time.

Various family members and friends had various medical problems. Several friends’ parents died.

Stress. Oy.

...and then there’s Teddy. He had a great year. He loved his pre-school. He loved his summer camp. His transition this fall from the pre-school room to the kindergarten room at Montessori was smooth. The teachers were amazed at how much he came out of his shell.

Most important, he’s just a wonderful kid. He’s happy (when he’s not miserable ’cause I’m the Worst Mommy in the World). He’s healthy. He’s smart. He’s funny as hell. He’s sweet and compassionate and affectionate. Conversations with him just keep getting more and more interesting.

Our five-year-old* is passionately interested in Star Wars, Transformers, space (generally), stars and planets (specifically), Legos and building, Harry Potter... He’s also still interested in trains (especially Thomas), trucks, tractors, and all other means of conveyance. He loves to read and to be read to. He loves to draw.

He has moments that are less pleasurable than others (imagine that). He often doesn’t like to be alone, even if someone’s in the next room (this is particularly vexing for Peter). We co-sleep, which I mostly love and sometimes worry about. He’s not very good about trying new foods, though he recently added pancakes to his short list of Things That Are Really Quite Nice, Really, after years of rejecting them.


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Date:January 6th, 2010 08:48 pm (UTC)
It was stressful, wasn't it? And Teddy is a marvelous kid! So glad he likes pancakes now. Maybe this weekend? Hope your work stuff is going well and that you're feeling all better!

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Date:January 7th, 2010 12:58 pm (UTC)

he would love pancakes!

Though I dunno about letting him know that some people eat them for breakfast. Because he already eats a pretty good range of breakfast foods, I've been making pancakes for dinner. :)
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