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07:47 am: smooth re-entry so far...
It was a very full, very fun week, and it's great to be home.

I had back-to-back meetings and mandatory social events all week at work. The kickoff went well, I think (particularly for something that's perpetually ambiguous). A small, high-level reorganization at our parent company means more hoop-jumping, which I believe we're well positioned to do (though I'd prefer to skip that part altogether).

I had a Christmas lunch with a group of my friends on Saturday, which was just lovely. It's good to get periodic reminders of what a treasure good friends are.

Teddy and I went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science with occhi_cinesi on Sunday morning, which was great fun. Fortunately, OC had been before, so she steered us to the front for the sorting (Teddy was sorted into Gryffindor, though we'd debated that morning that perhaps he belonged in Ravenclaw) and around some of the scary bits of the Forbidden Forest.

Teddy liked the Great Hall and the sweet shop best, though he agreed that Hagrid's cottage was also swell.

I didn't think Hagrid's costume looked all that big until I compared it to the wizards' costumes, which were teeny tiny. I'm obviously not spending enough time on the Vineyard if I'm forgetting how small actors can be (especially, I suppose, children, though Prof. MacGonagall and Prof. Dumbledore's costumes also seem tiny).

So, anyway, good trip. Great to see friends and family, especially.

Good to be back home again, too.

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