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07:30 am: the spinach did it
Teddy woke up last night around 10:30, saying his stomach hurt. I tried rubbing his belly, giving him a drink, stripping off his clothes, and lots of snuggling.

As a last resort, I popped him into a hot bath with a hand towel draped over his shoulders to keep him warm (he didn't want to lie down). He said it helped, then he said it was too hot, then he wanted to lie down on the bathmat. So I covered him with a bathsheet and wrapped another around me. When he was nearly asleep, I carried him back to bed.

And he barfed and he barfed and he barfed.

By some miracle, only the tiniest bit hit the sheets. Everything else hit the towels.

Peter did the laundry, I cleaned Teddy and the sink (where I'd put the towels while I cleaned up Teddy). By the time we were done, he was fast asleep.

Teddy claims that the single molecule of spinach he tried at dinner is what made him sick.

Uh huh.

So no school for Teddy today (we have to wait 'til 24 hours after he vomits or has a fever, 'cause that's The Rule).

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Date:February 3rd, 2010 03:00 pm (UTC)

at least it was quick

A couple of hours of achy belly, a couple of minutes of comprehensive puking, and VOILA! ALL BETTER!
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