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07:30 am: "Daddy will like this!"
"I'm a REAL MAN!"

I don't remember what made him a REAL MAN, but this is a glimmer that he's beginning to understand more complex humor (it was clear that he knew Mommy would NOT like this and that Daddy thinks it's funny on its own and because Mommy doesn't think so).

* * * * *

I read to Teddy's class every possible Thursday. This week, I read Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie, Fox in Socks, and Walter the Farting Dog.*

It turns out that Walter is "not appropriate" for reading time. Oops. In fairness, I gave up a long (and valiant, to be sure) fight against the word "fart" fairly recently myself, so I do understand that some parents would prefer the word not be used. Clearly, they have greater endurance (or valiance) than I.

So as soon as we got home, I picked out the books for next week, to be sure they will be acceptable (unacceptability seems to me to be more apt to occur when I grab the books at the last minute).

I've read other books that I worried a bit about - Skippyjon Jones could be considered ethnically insensitive and Arrow to the Sun, though Pueblo, has markedly Christian parallels (that whole virgin birth/arising from the dead/spreading the gospel thingy). I try to include one lesson-y book - about not lying or being kind or something - but mostly I select books that I think will be interesting, amusing, and different.

Mostly, I've done pretty well. But apparently farting was Too Much (the kids thought is was completely hilarious, of course, though one was concerned about the burglary).

Oh well. Live and learn.

* Many thanks to occhi_cinesi's DH for the recommendation.

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