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07:26 am: a little punk
My antipathy toward sideways and backwards baseball caps may not be normal, but it's real and it's mine. Consequently, Peter and Teddy love to spin their caps around and spin me up.

I've quite often put Teddy in his car seat and settled myself into the driver's seat, only to have him chortle "I'm a PUNK," so that I'll turn around and look at his cap askew (and his big grin).

When I picked him up at school yesterday, his teachers told me he hadn't been quite himself, that he'd had trouble making choices and had complained of an earache. And that he told them he was feeling "a little punk," which they found very funny.

Does everyone else say "under the weather" or "yukky" or something? I got the distinct feeling they hadn't heard the expression before.

We're going to the doctor today. Fortuitously, Teddy's checkup was scheduled months ago. So we didn't have to make a new appointment to get his ears checked.

In any case, he claims they're all better now because of McDonald's.

If you're keeping score: spinach causes vomiting and McDonald's cures earaches.

(Homonyms? WTF was I thinking? That's what I get for transcribing a blog entry I write at 2:00 am without editing. OY.)

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