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07:07 am: Mad-eye Moody? NO!
We're on the final pages of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,* and Teddy was positively incredulous to hear that Mad-eye was responsible for the shenanigans Harry has faced this time 'round. And fake! He wasn't the real Mad-eye!

I'm delighted to witness his response. Goblet has always been my favorite, but reading is so slowly has only reinforced my feeling that Mad-eye is its weakness. Every time I read it, I almost expect to learn that Barty took over at around the half-way point in the book. The Mad-eye who was surprised and pleased that Harry feared Dementors more than Voldemort could not have been a Death Eater?**

Still, Teddy's shock was great fun. We can talk about the implausibility of Mad-eye's early fakery (surely he would get better at it with more practice?) later.

* * * * *

I'm going to Teddy's school this morning to teach his friends*** how to decorate cheese. I have 48 pieces of American cheese (white, of course, because orange just. will. not. do.), 36 food markers, 89 cookie cutters, and a mess o' plastic bags gathered together.

I figured I should leave the stencils and sharp scissors at home. Because I'm no fun at all.

* I'm a good Mommy: I didn't force Teddy to stay awake so I could read the last few pages.

(Edited to add: ** er... no. That was Lupin. Oops.)

*** All children at LMI are called friends, which is adding to my confusion about how to define "friend"... I sure as hell don't agree with Facebook's definition, f'rinstance. Still, it makes for a congenial kindergarten environment and I think dissuades the teachers from hollering ("SHUT YER YAPS, FRIENDS!" feels weird to yell, after all).

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Date:February 13th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)

I learned from the best!

We're on "Order of the Phoenix" now. He loves 'em!

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