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11:45 am: Sweet Moments
Last night at dinner, Teddy said he wanted "drink, doughnuts, dessert! Hey! That alliterates!"

He got to pick the first round of kids to do cheese decorating in class. His teachers were tearing up because the two boys he picked are never picked first for anything.

Out of the blue the other day, Teddy told me "Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota." Really? I didn't know that. (Geography is not my forte; fortunately, it is Peter's.)

The doctor was quite surprised at Teddy's question during his checkup. He wanted to know how the umbilical cord is cut (with what), and what kind of knot is used. "That's an unusual question for a five-year-old," he said. Really? He asks this kinda stuff all the time. Thank goodness for the interwebs.

Peter wants to attend baseball games at all the major league stadiums in the U.S. and Canada. Teddy wants to follow the Harry Potter exhibit so that he can see the three creatures in the Forbidden Forest (it was too scary for him when we were at the Museum of Science).

His progress report from Montessori says that Teddy is a joy to have in school and that he's always willing to help another student or a teacher. (It also said that he has some trouble distinguishing when it's time to stop socializing and get down to work. Could this be a changeling child? 'Cause that doesn't sound like either of his anti-social parents.)

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Date:February 13th, 2010 06:08 pm (UTC)

Big hugs back to you!

I decorate cheese for Teddy's lunch every school day. Apparently some of his classmates and teachers were curious about it, so I brought a simplified version in as a snack-time activity.

Start with American cheese as your canvas, then cut with cookie cutters (or a knife - I often print out pictures of characters or things he likes, then use those as stencils), and color with food markers.

I underestimated how very much color the kids would like. There were a great many blue, green, and red teeth in evidence after snack.
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