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07:59 am: "I want a brother"
Teddy had two play-dates this weekend. TWO. What fun!

The only common elements in the two were Teddy, me, and four children at the host's house (including Teddy). Oh, and Teddy's breakdown upon departure ("I want to stay forever! I want to live here! Don't make me leeeeeave!").

Saturday, we went to a school friend's house. They live in a neighborhood that I didn't know existed in the town next to ours. It's an established development (10+ years old) that looks practically new, except for plantings that have clearly had some time to grow. Biiiig houses, big yards. Very clean. No traffic. Nice.

Teddy's friend's house is biiiig and very clean as well. It's beautiful and extraordinarily clean. As in, weirdly clean for a house with one 5-year-old and two 2-year-olds. White carpets. There are bins of toys and all, too, but it's very. clean.

I'm looking forward to having Teddy's friend (and his mother, whom I quite like) over to our house, but now I'm nervous about it. Every other house we've ever been to with kids in it has had clear evidence of The Presence of the Kids. I've often felt a teeny bit vindicated that I'm no worse than anyone else (or not much worse, anyway). I know I'll be frantic, preparing for this family's visit. Oy.

In any case, Teddy had a blast with his friend and I really enjoyed getting to know his mother, who's very smart and aware and interesting.

Sunday, we went to the busy bees' house, which was also great fun. We've known the family for, what? 10 years? (HOLY CRAP weren't we just in business school about 2 years ago?) So while the kids haven't actually grown up together, they've seen each other a couple of times a year since they were tiny. After a few minutes of shyness, Teddy jumped in and had a fantastic time with their 5-, 3-, and 1-year-olds (to a lesser extent, because 1-year-olds can't participate on quite the same level).

(The busy bees' house, while clean, is not weirdly so. There is ample evidence of the Presence of Children. Thank goodness.)

There was the Bounce House and the Science Ship (dunno if that's what it's really called, but Teddy proclaimed it his Most Favorite Ever) and the play kitchen and about 40,000 boys all racing around and making mayhem.

As we were preparing to leave (with many snufflings and protests), Teddy told me he wants a brother, please. Or a sister. I told him that I can't have any more babies, that maybe we would consider adopting a child, or maybe we could get a cat.*

His response, of course?

"Or both!"

As we drove away, Teddy told me that if we lived next door, we could walk to see his friends. (Coincidentally enough, the house next door is for sale, though we hadn't talked about it at all.) I thought that would be wonderful, but I reminded him that then he couldn't go to Montessori or have play-dates with his other friends.

Such a dilemma.

* This depends upon my getting some face time with a Siberian to see if my allergic response is significantly reduced.

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