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07:12 am: Am I making stuff up?
Or are the odd years harder than the even ones? 'Cause 5 has been a tough one so far... and we all know 3 kicked my butt.

Peter seems to be having a particularly difficult time, as he expects Teddy to listen and obey. I'm not as hung up on the obedience part (too much kinda makes me squirm, to be honest: Stepford Preschooler! EEK!), but the (lack of) listening bugs me too. If you translate "bugs me" as "sometimes annoys me and sometimes drives me to screaming and carrying on."

The next two weeks are going to be especially difficult for all of us, as I'll be gone half the time. After that, I expect to be home except for occasional days in Boston.

* * * * *

Oh! Happy belated Name Day to Peter! He had KFC and Friendly's to celebrate.

* * * * *

Started reading Nurture Shock, about which I'll have a great deal to write eventually. So far, it hasn't been all that shocking, though it's reminded me of research that I haven't been keeping top of mind. And should have. First chapters are about praise, sleep, and lying. Fascinating, even as review.

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