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11:21 pm: Last night in Palm Springs
This hotel is terrific. Love this place. Love the people who work here (one of my cab drivers tonight told me they get all kinds of extra training to be super-hospitable and treat celebrities just like regular people and yakkety yak yak yak, but really he was very sweet). Love the grounds. Love the food (they brought out the less-than-totally-healthy stuff today, but still had healthy options - w00t!). Hope to come back some day and swim in the pools and work out in the gym and nap in a hammock and hang out by the fire and eat in the restaurant. And stuff.

The conference was OK. Not quite what I expected, but OK. Got lots of bonding time with people from our sister company.

Right now, I'm mostly focused on getting back home. Back to our house. Back to my guys, especially. But most of all? Back to Bradley Airport, 'cause there's a weather advisory and I do. not. want. to get stuck at O'Hare.

Send me all your most excellent traveling karma, please.

Current Location: Palm Springs
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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